After watching latest events that were unfolding in front of our eyes (mostly in Congress), and then watching lies and fake news on both English and Russian language channels, I decided to write a petition to our president to urge him to stop financing with the taxpayers money such fake news channels as Voice of America and Radio Liberty, that spewing anti-Tramp and anti-free market propaganda on many languages.

Or at least to let people with less socialistic views present (on the same channels) political commentary, to balance the lies and deception, that was picked up on CNN and MSNBC.

The world needs to know that not all Americans ready to kill babies after birth, that we are not planning in ten years to stop using cars and planes, and that not all of us think that America is a terrible country with history of deceit and deception. We actually love this country and we know that it is an absolutely exceptional land filled with innovative, compassionate and friendly people.

The best place in the world.

Petition to President

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