I woke up vividly remembering this speech that in my dream was made by Donald J Trump. If was so real… and at the same time I knew that it was in my dreams only.

In this speech, the president said things that he (being in his official capacity) is unable to say. He proposed laws and regulations that would not pass Democratic Congress or even the so-called “moderate republicans” in Senate. You call them RINOS, I call them cowards.

I am talking about those people that try to play both sides and offer Populus a new breed of free-market and freedom, they call… “capitalism with a human face” – they are so ignorant that they do not understand that capitalism is the only socio-economical a system that inherently has a human face. All others are not.

I badly wanted you to hear this “speech from my dream.” And decided to re-tell it to you… Of course, it is like singing songs of Ella Fitzgerald to a person who couldn’t get a ticket to her show, at the same time attempting to simulate the playing of Lui Armstrong… but… you might get a general impression.

If you will Click on a link below, you will get to the speech itself. I hope you will enjoy it. If yes, pass this video to your friends, and ask them to pass to theirs… and maybe one day this speech will be heard by the president, and he will say “There are indeed a couple of interesting ideas in this “dream speech”…. Hmmmm…. I might pick them up and see how to implement them… There are proposals about immigration and education there, and how to deal with the mobs… but most importantly, there is a proposition to all who hate America, taken directly from the Art of the Deal… … an offer they will not be able to refuse…