I want you to take a look at those two tables. One of them is how many COVID related deaths occur in America weekly. As you can see after it picked in April, it is now steadily down. Not a lot of dead from COVID, but many new carriers discovered by testing – IS our “Second Wave” of the pandemic. The other table with circles is even more interesting. The right one is with positive cases. In republican run states live 43% of the total of all ill people. The left circle is about deaths… and what a surprise… republicans die from KOVID at much lesser proportion than democrats. There are 43% of the sick, but only 28% of the dead. In the Dem’s states Iive 52% of all ill people…. but they die much much more often… 65% of all death occur in the democratic states. But what that mean… you might ask. That can mean two things only – either Republicans have better immune systems, or Democrats are lying. Make your pick.