This video is my direct appeal to a group of Americans, the political consultants call “suburban housewives.”
I have read and re-read the program that the democratic party (led by Joe Biden) posted on the Biden’s web site. The portion they call “Bold Ideas.”
It is a time-consuming and sometimes difficult task because in one place they say that “the policies will be based on Gov Inslee” initiative… so you forced to study what this initiative is all about…. Or that “Joe will direct his administration to fulfill to the extent possible the Booker law aimed at eliminating of environmental racism…” (I swear I never heard about environmental racism)…. Now you need to study Booker’s plan…. And you need to study the AOC’s plan called “New Green Deal” because Biden says that he will implement most of it, and because she and her peers are in the Biden’s team and preparing his policies for him.
When you look at a person and see that he is surrounded by crooks, this normally means that he himself is a crook.
If all his friends are good family people, with interests, professions, good kids… you would assume he is a good family person.
Joe Biden is a nice person, whom everyone likes. He is smiling, kind of old fashioned uncle Joe, who is not threatening or scary… however, when you look at the people and organizations who help him to prepare his policies and realize – they will be the government of this nation… our government, then I am having goosebumps. … but let’s talk about Joe’s bold ideas. What exactly democrats want to implement, if…
In Biden’s plan on Investing in our communities says that the HOME Act of 2019 Clyburn and Booker will be implemented by the Biden’s administration.
Then one of the plan contributors Minor Sinclair explained the idea behind this plan: “In the United States, poverty is not equally distributed. It clusters in specific regions, states, towns, and even neighborhoods…” this shall be changed…
Clyburn, Booker, AOC, and Biden want poverty equally distributed across each and every neighborhood, yours as well. You do not have to believe me… Listen to that…
The plan states: “Biden will tie new federal investments in housing to a requirement that states and localities eliminate regulations that reduce the availability of affordable housing….”
And Biden will make them “modernize housing regulations.”
Nice words, but almost impossible to understand… When you put two and two, it is clear that the gang wants to eliminate single-family zoning and allow to build in all and every neighborhood multi-family dwellings. They even say so…
Another set of murky words “Housing is an essential part of Biden’s broader strategy to grow strong, healthy communities in every zip code.”
The keywords are “every zip code.”
Now we have enough to start deciphering those a bit confusing “bold ideas”
You live in your suburb. You purchased your house and paid a hefty amount of hard-earned dollars to get out of the density of the city, as far as possible from crime, dirty streets, drugs on every corner, and gangs cruising and firing rounds from moving vehicles…
Your kids play with neighbors, ride bikes, you do not have steel doors and iron bars on your windows. You barely lock your door and not afraid to leave your car on the street. And you know that no one will build a 64-unit building in the middle of your neighborhood… because you have zoning. And according to this zoning, only one- or two-story single-family dwellings are allowed…
Biden will push your cities to drop this zoning. This is what all those fancy words mean… Presidents (especially when governors and mayors are from the same party) have the means to push for changes like that.
One day you will find that two or three houses on your street (or on a street near you) been sold and a developer is starting to build a new ten-story, 80-unit low-income project.
Did you see them downtown Manhattan, or Chicago, or East Los Angeles?
Do you recall we quoted this “In the United States, poverty is not equally distributed…”
Now, who will live in those projects? Again, you do not go far to understand that. Biden proposes to take homeless from the streets and provide them with roof, electricity, gas and food… Great, right? However, in Joe’s plan stated “Trump wants to heal them first and house them later. It is inhuman… we will give them shelter first, and then will start the healing process… Again, sounds good, right? This is what it means…
Drug addicts, drunks, just crazy and very nice to children pedophiles… moving to your neighborhood to spread poverty and violence to every zip code (as promised).
This is what they want… spread so you will have a taste of it… But not only homeless will come to you… single mothers with multiple kids from multiple fathers, poor families, and many other suffering people… will be lying on your streets drunk, stealing bikes, pushing drugs, and coming to your wine cabinet without your invitation.
Will you allow your kids to play on the street? Will you allow your kids to go by themselves to visit neighbors? Will you live your car on the street? Will you keep your windows open and without bars on them? How long you think street gangs from the inner cities will wait before they come to your neighborhood to shoot rival gang members?
Not long.
Do you understand that you will need to have an arsenal of weapons in your home? Do you understand that police will be defunded be under democrats?
Do you understand that 911 is no longer will be a fast and reliable option?
You might think – they only say that!!! Are you ready to take a chance?
Are you ready to gamble on your kid’s life?
However, if you think that your children not that important, then vote Biden…. Vote Biden and vote Democrats… and you will get all that and more…
Housing, zoning is one of many hidden bold ideas I uncovered in the Biden’s plans. I will post those findings on my blog – Since I am usually video-blogging in two languages, my blog has two parts… English and Russian. Please go to the blog and chose your language. And thank you for listening.
And please think carefully before you enter the voting booth. It is very very soon.
I am Leon Weinstein and I hope you approve of this message.
Until next time.