The Committee to Unleash Prosperity that boasts such prominent members as Steve Forbs, Larry Kudlow, Steve Moore, Art Laffer and others, recently published a study by a husband and wife team of data specialists from Minnesota, who happened to be emigres from the place where I was born and spend first 24 years of my life – St Petersburg, Russia.

Elena and Daniel Khalitov presented the study they called “Anomaly in the US death cases in spring 2020” to Minnesota republican senators, and the information shocked the audience. But let us start from the beginning:
The very first question the researches asked themselves – are death stats in 2020 different from the previous years. They immediately found that for 11 weeks (from March 15 to May 30, 2020) when coronavirus began to rapidly spread in the United states, there was a spike of 138,000 additional (compared to the same time interval in 2019) deaths.

Looking into year-to-year differences in 2014-2019 didn’t show any spikes compared to 2020.

But something was puzzling… only some states contributed to this spike… many states didn’t exhibit any anomaly.
In the states that didn’t exhibit any anomaly, data was consistent with the data for all years they examined, from 2014 to 2019.
How those states are different from the states that spiked?
What was done different, or what is different that allows people not to die from KOVID, at least not in such huge numbers?

And here comes a puzzling discovery – the states that gave this huge (over 25%) increase in deaths in the states… with democrats in the state capitols… and the spike was absolutely astonishing… 688% more death in this period compared to similar periods during previous years in New York… 688%, then 255% increase in New Jersey, and so on.

You can see on the enclosed table called “Weekly death per 1M” that only democratic states gave this huge surge in the number of deaths… not republican, not even those states that were competitive in 2018. In Republican states almost Zero increases. But in Democratic states – huge increase….

Florida for example shows a 6.9% increase… compare it to New York’s 688%… It is a HUNDRED times more!

How can it be possible?

In the attached chart called Nationwide Death Count, you can see that 78% of death nationwide were reported as COVID deaths…. If we look at the states using 2018 information as “republican states”, “democratic states” and “competitive states” we will find out that during this terrible period in the US, in GOP governed states from coronavirus died 7,862 people, in competitive states 18,985… and in democrat governed states… ready?…. 111,265 deaths.

How can THAT be?

It can’t be! Like it can’t be a coincidence that the riots happened in 30 democrat ruled cities, and none in the GOP ruled cities.

So what was and is happening?

The first idea that came to my mind was “democrats falsifying death statistics…” but I decided that this is exceedingly difficult to do and quite easy to uncover. So, this idea is out.

The next idea was – democrats rule in larger cities, with dense population… many poor, many of them minorities… as senator Booker explained to us “it is environmental racism”… maybe they eat not good food, do not have enough medicine, no health insurance…

… but I immediately found in Elena and Daniel’s study a link to a study by John Hopkins University called “Urban density not linked to higher coronavirus infection rates.”

The study suggests that denser places, assumed by many to be more conducive to the spread of the coronavirus that causes COVID-19, are not linked to higher infection rates. In fact, the study showed, dense areas were associated with… lower COVID-19 death rates…

WOW! Another surprise… so the idea that the poor die more from coronavirus is false. Good to know. So many democrats saying the opposite, without any proof.

But what is the next idea? Elena and Daniel gave us another interesting piece of information about Minnesota, their home state, which seems to be one of the least affected by Coronavirus among all Democratic states.

Deaths in Minnesota from COVID: 1,614… and then this eye-opening information… Deaths in long-term care or assisted living facilities: 1,231… or 76% of all people who died from coronavirus in Minnesota… died in the places where they were supposed to be protected the most.

The overwhelming majority of older people live with their families or alone… If they are so vulnerable, then why whoever lived home, did not die… but those that were at the assisted living, died in huge numbers?

The answer is – at home, they were shielded from the disease… and in those facilities, they were either exposed to coronavirus or to other diseases that were “mistakenly” reported as COVID. The most vulnerable population, in the most obvious places… exposed the most… was it a fatal mistake by these state officials? Or it was a foreign power attack on America?

Maybe Russians did it to Minnesotans? Or it is a terrible act of negligence of the people whom we entrusted our moms and dads?

Again, most people died not on the beaches, not in gyms, not even at work or in classrooms, or while walking near their house… but those who were grouped together and exposed to… and killed… by the virus… or something else.

… and at the same time, the whole country was talking about a need to wear masks and keep social distance … because we can expose the elderly population to it… we are not sending our kids to schools because they can come home to their grandparents and give them this virus…

Why did that happen? Was it in more than one state? Who is responsible?…
And I immediately remembered that in the State of New York, Governor Cuomo gave an order to force assisted living places to accept sick with coronavirus patients…. Exactly like what happened in Italy and produced tens of thousands of dead senior citizens.

Looks like exactly the same happened in New York… as far as I know, over 6,000 older people died in New York because of the stupid (or criminal) actions of the governor… and the same mistake happened in several states as far as we know… bureaucracy sent sick with coronavirus old people to where they would spread the virus to many other old people…

I hope the American bureaucracy harmed the older population not intentionally. However, the results are the same – thousands upon thousands are dead.

Sources and references are attached to this video.

We hear rumors that some hospitals and doctors reported COVID even when patients did not have one… why?… because it was profitable. Insurance companies doubled payment for the patients with COVID… and since that moment, the number of cases began to surge.

I know people who were in line for the test but decided to skip… three days later they got results of the test they never went through – both (according to the medical authority) tested positive for coronavirus.

I have read that some of the labs were reporting inflated numbers.
Tens of thousands were killed by the negligence of the authorities… or (God forbid) killed intentionally… I hope not. Many many millions of pensions and medical expenses saved.

Most of those people were old… many were sick, many were on a brink… so any imbalance, any illness, any push would end their lives.

And we see that in the Democratic states way more people die, they are exposed to this and maybe other harms and viruses… according to this study, if you want to keep your elderly alive and well, move them to the Republican state.

I am not saying that for example Cuomo intentionally killed thousands of seniors. I am saying that to do what he did, he must be a very stupid person. Or absolutely do not care for what happens as a result of his actions. He maybe thinks that people like him are… untouchable.

His brother on CNN lied for weeks about being in isolation in his basement, broadcasted that to the world, but was freely moving on the streets of New York having diagnosed with coronavirus, and endangering others… but he couldn’t care less… he was exposed as a liar but still works at CNN, having his own program and enjoying lying to us on a daily basis.

Tens of thousands of dead… in Democrat ruled states… not in competitive sates and not in Republican… this is a miracle, right? God likes Republicans more? Or what?

Live in a Democrat state and you will die earlier… if you want to get rid of your relative, send him to a facility in the democrat ruled state.

And if you want your business ruined and your life threatened… move to the democrat ruled city… they have riots for over two months and no sign of a desire to protect those who pay mayors and other nomenclature salaries.
… or if you want to have multi-family dwelling (Dems call them “projects for poor and underprivileged”) built-in your sleepy neighborhood in the suburbs… move to democrat ruled suburban towns… and you will soon see how homeless, drunk, narco-dealers and pedophiles move to your neighborhood. And you have your “spread of misery” in each and every zip code.

Republicans try to build and spread the wealth in all zip codes… and America was doing it step by step… creating wealth for everyone… but current democrats (or people who call themselves democrats) want to spread misery in every zip code.

They unhappy that only in the inner cities life is bad… and want to make life equally bad everywhere … They are not spreading wealth…. They are spreading misery… They are not after developing new wealth but want to rob those who build their nests, and now are an easy target for those who want to grab what they want.

We had police to defend us. This is how it is done in a civilized society. Not anymore!
I really do not know why so many people died in the Democrat ruled states compare to the GOP ruled states. I am not a doctor, nor I am a data specialist. I am a political commentator and I know that I like free marker more (way more) than any form of a government tyranny… So, why I am talking about those issues… This is what I want to say:
It is your choice… continue on the path called “American way” that made this country the best and safest place in the world, or move to a “Social justice way” of the people who are either idiots of criminals, who kill our old, lie, cheat and do not fear prosecution. Because their justice is not blind anymore.

Amazing numbers, amazing information, amazing how we still didn’t kick Dems out of every office in the land.

Thank you for listening. There are only 92 days until the electrons… that promises to be the most crucial election in our lifetime.