A couple of weeks ago two members of congress Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley unveiled the BREATHE Act, (named this way because of the Flynn case of course) calling it “a new vision for public safety.” Guess what party they belong to?

The bill was created by the Movement for Black Lives (this is NOT BLM, Black Lives Matter), a self-proclaimed anti-capitalist group, who also participated in its unveiling.

M4BL, is an umbrella organization BLM, and about 150 other black organizations. It was formed in 2014 (Obama years) with the goal to drastically and fundamentally change America.

M4BL says it is an anti-capitalist association. Capitalism means private ownership of the means of production, and freehand in what to do with the fruits of one’s labor.

Which part the black defenders are against? Looks like they are OK with private ownership but want to be able to milk capitalists…. To tell them whom to hire, how much to pay, whom not to buy supplies from, and how much profit to keep… If you will look up in any credible dictionary how the system of allowing private citizens to own means of production, but the government tells them what to do …. you will find out, it is called “fascism.”

The system was invented in Italy by Duce Mussolini, used in Germany by Hitler’s Workers Socialist Party (we call them National Socialists or Nazi for short), then an American president Franklyn Delano Roosevelt attempted to bring it here, failed, and now Berny Sanders, Ocasio-Cortes, and this M4BL under the tutelage of Barak Obama decided to revive fascism in America with a little black camouflage and under a different name.

This is what Sanders, AOC, Rashida Tlaib, and others close to Biden discuss with M4BL:
• US taxpayers shall provide a guaranteed minimum livable income for all Black people. (my guess they are talking about $2,000 a month to every Black adult and about $500 to $600 for every Black child)
• In addition to that, full and free access for all Black people (including undocumented and currently and formerly incarcerated people) to….. lifetime education (please pay attention to (a) including undocumented i.e. illegal immigrants and (b) lifetime long learning programs. That means that every Black person who comes to our country at any given moment from anywhere – Rio, Paris, Mozambique or Senegal, will have a right for life long free education)
• In addition to that are – hefty reparations for the wealth extracted from black communities through…. environmental racism, slavery, food apartheid, housing discrimination and racialized capitalism… I never heard about “food apartheid”… – in short, they want money. A lot.
• They also demand de-criminalization, immediate release, and record expungement of all drug-related offenses and prostitution – this is the only demand I fully agree with. Prostitution shall be immediately de-criminalized and allowed. No sane society can function without the prostitution. It will dramatically reduce rape, the distraction of families, and elevate women who becoming outcasts and criminals simply because of going to streets to earn an honest living.
• Real, meaningful, and equitable universal health care – translation of this is is simple – they want to get healthcare for all their needs, including abortions, trans surgeries etc. but do not want to pay for it. Someone else shall pay for it. So, they want more money in the form of totally free healthcare as well.
• But on top of all that…. They demand a radical and sustainable redistribution of wealth. Do we know this one? Yes, we do. Every Marxist repeat this mantra. The result is always the same – food shortages…. plenty of Gulags for the ones that do not agree… See Venezuela, the USSR, Cuba, North Korea, East Germany, Vietnam, Cambodia, Albania, and the list can go on and on and on…
• They also demand an end to the privatization of education – how nice! No private schools, no charter schools… only government education that produces illiterate people with high school diplomas in their pockets.
• The bill demands a right to all people residing on the territory of the United States to vote – disregarding those people are legal citizens of just came of a boat, or crossed the border illegally, or are in prison for murder. Everyone will have a right to decide what to do with the money to be taken from the earners.
• And of course, pre-registration for the voting of 16-year-olds. They are of course very smart, wise, and understand a lot about life at 16. But let’s come back to the bill and to the Biden’s bold ideas: Biden’s people propose to end federal programs that provide funds and resources to police departments.They call for closing all federal prisons and immigration detention centers.

They want to abolish ICE and the Drug Enforcement Administration. Gentleman – I am not creating this from my imagination. I am quoting the Biden’s bold ideas and a bunch of other documents Biden uses: Inslee plan for combat environmental racism. Bookers plan for fundamentally changing America. AOC “Green New Deal” and now this new initiative called the BREATHE ActIn short, the combination of those documents, bills, proposals, and so-called bold ideas – call for creating a racist country with the black race being paid for being black-skinned. The whites and others (for example Asians) supposed to feed them, pay them, provide all necessities for them, and probably kiss their boots. But kissing boots not among bold ideas.

This position represents what the younger generation of the democrat party of the United States wants. I am not sure that sane democrats want it but … looks like there is either no more sane Democrats, or they are afraid to raise their voice….

We learn more ad more about scientists being thrown of their jobs for not being enthusiastic about new racism, or about socialism of the fascist’s kind being imposed on us. We know that in entertainment if you just suspected to be conservative, you are ostracized…

Let’s now look at the other details of the “Biden Bold Ideas.” Are they bold or not, new or not, workable or not – for you to decide.

By 2035 Biden promised to abolish the production of electricity by use of oil, gas, and coal. Plus he promised to environmentalists to make starting a new oil field, gas pipelines, and anything having to do with carbon dioxide, extremely difficult or impossible.

In other words, from one side, his administration will move to destroy all heating and cooling systems in 2 million-plus commercial buildings in the US (it is a quote from his plan), will stop all cars that are using gasoline, and prohibit flying all planes and helicopters that are using any derivative of oil. Instead, he will incentivize the US economy (using taxpayers’ dollars) to build billions of solar panels and wind turbos to produce electricity.

According to preliminary calculations, the project will cost the United States about 14 to 18 trillion (with the T) dollars to build new and destroy old systems (that work well) and will make our electricity about 20 times more expensive. You will pay 20 times more for the Biden’s electricity. However many of those who vote for his, will not pay a dime… since they are not contributing to the pot. They only take from it but allowed to decide how much to take from you and who will get what is taken from you. Nice…

It is still not clear how solar power will make planes fly but increasingly looks like Biden counts on a not yet created “new clear energy” that may or may not be created when we will destroy old engines and systems of climate control in our buildings.

If such energy would be known, every capitalist in the world would start changing their current systems into the new better, and more efficient ones. But this energy doesn’t exist. Biden offers to destroy old but has no clue what to offer instead. It is a typical stupid socialist solution. It is an old “I want power and will promise you anything to get it.”

On another hand, we will not be producing and exporting oil, gas or coal and will allow OPEC and Russia to dictate their prices to the world. Vladimir Putin will be very happy!

At the same time we will pay trillions to African countries for damages to the environment we (white civilization) is responsible for. We also will be sending billions to El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua in order to create economical heaven in those countries, and stop migration from those countries. On top of this being a crazy and unsustainable idea, the money (I am quite sure) will be stolen by democrats and their counterparts in those countries.

The reason people from those countries may stop coming to us is simply that our economy will be in shambles and America will become a country of shortages, street violence, and absence of work. So, in a way, Biden will achieve goals of his comrades – fascists…. To make America not exceptional, but a “normal” country like many others, with very rich upper class and totally powerless population, that has no money or political power to influence or change anything. And who lives under a different set of laws and rules. That would be a dream come true to democrats – one party and (they will think) forever.

However, they shall not forget that throughout history, those who brought mob to power, are killed either by the same mob, or (more often) by their comrades eliminating one by one competition for power on all and every level. Those that think that they will rule to the world, most probably will die in prisons or in re-educational camps they themselves are planning to build.

I would love for them to experience life in the society they are creating, but I have grandchildren that I love. And that means that we will vote them out of every possible place of power. We do want to have more than one party in this country, but NOT THEM! Not fascists who always pretend they care only about our well-being. Let’s be real – they care only about power and money. We are distant 47th on their minds.

Talk to your neighbors, friends, relatives, tell them the facts I dig for you. Do not seat and wait. We have one life and we do not want to end it in a new Gulag.

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