1. Did you see any beatings of blacks by Trump supporters?

2. Did you see any Trump supporters looting stores and setting them on fire?

3. Did you see any pogroms Trump supporters unleashing on black neighborhoods?

4. Which party salutes to the flag and which party supporters burn the flag?

5. Which party stands in attendance when our Anthem is playing, and which party supporters show disdain?

6. Which party supporters damage cars and beat drivers who have markings of support for other party candidates?

7. Did you hear racist slogans about “one race if better than another” and “life of only one race matters” from Trump supporters?

8. Do you feel threatened when Trump supporters march on your street? Do you feel threatened when the other side marches?

9. Are you feel threatened at work and in other public places say that you support Black Lives Matter or Kamala Harris? Are you feel threatened to say same about Trump?

10. Do you want Biden administration building multi family housing projects (like in Chicago and Lower Manhattan) in your suburban one family houses neighborhood… and move there homeless, alcoholics, drug addicts, and local gangs?

11. Do you want to pay more taxes in order to provide healthcare and other services to 15 million illegal immigrants?

12. Do you want to pay more taxes in order to send money to Central American countries to build such a good life there, that they will not want to emigrate to the US?

13. Do you want to pay more taxes to remedy African continent for damages White culture did to the environment over there?

14. Do you want to stop all oil/gas/coal powered heating/cooling of the houses, change cars to electric, make planes fly on solar energy… that will cost our country 14 to 18 trillion dollars to achieve, will significantly raise cost of energy, and we will have to cover 20% of the territory of the United States with sun panels?

15. Do you want to stop exporting oil/gas/coal abroad, and let Russia, Venezuela and Iran (among others) sell at the price they want and earn trillions?

16. Do you want to pay reparations to all blacks (half blacks will get half reparations) for their great grandparents being slaves at Kamala Harris’s grandfathers farm in Jamaica and other southern (mostly democrat ancestors’ owned) plantations?

17. Do you want (as Kamala, Sanders and other democrats proposing) pay monthly for every black person just because he is black?

18. Do you want to have your taxes raised to pay from $3000 to $6000 a year to 13 million renters? Just because they are not well to do.

19. Do you want to mandatory sell back to the government those weapons that Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke will decide are “too dangerous” for you to have?

20. Do you want to get rid of your medical insurance company and your doctor? Do you want anyone who wants it, to use the money you put aside for your Medicare?

21 Do you want Congress, Senate, and White House to be exempt from the health care laws that you will be obligated to abide by?

22. Do you want to fire all (or part) of the police force to allow criminals to reign in our cities?

23. Do you want Kamala Harris who refused to prosecute pedophiles, who used to hide evidence from the courts, who was every time on the side of corrupt politicians instead of justice to become de-facto President of the United States of America?

If answers to all or most of the questions “YES”, then vote for Biden/Harris and other democrats. If your answer to all or most of the questions “NO”, then you know what to do!

PS If you can add more questions to this list, post them in the comments… I will add them for future use.