Last week was devoted to the platform and ideas of the democratic party, and this week we are listening for the vision of the GOP.

Mt take from the Sanders-Harris-AOC platform was that they want to shrink difference between rich and poor by taking as much as possible for anyone who is above certain level of wealth and transfer to the ones that in their opinion need help. This was evident in Biden’s very strange half cooked “Obamacare plus Public Choice” where the choice was “do you want to pay for your medicine or you want it free…” (a very difficult choice indeed)… that was evident in the idea of get rid of the zoning and build housing for poor in the middle of the suburbs, in Kamala’s great idea of subsidizing rent for 13 million Americans )… or in simle words to take money from you and I and give from 3000 to 6000 to all 13 million renters… they live, you pay)…

that was evident in ideas of the universal income (Kamala wants to give to all poor $3,000 a year cash for nothing, and some other democrats want to give them $24,000 a year…. so by comparison the leftist senator from California looks moderate…)

Other ideas were to shrink police… I think suburban housewives will love an idea of no police to call in emergency or no 911 responders when someone is entering their houses…

No one except teachers’ union is happy about poor state of schools in the US. We pay taxes, but states and cities tell us that we cannot chose what school our kids can go to. If you want to choose, you need to pay additional money. It is like “give us your money and we will decide what kind of shoes you will were…” If we pay, we want to be able to choose… but democrats are in cahoots with the unions and on their side, not on the side of our kids… Unions gain, we lose.

In mid states, I am sure even democrats are thrilled by Beto O’Rourke’s ideas seconded by Biden and Harris that they will make a list of prohibited weapons and send national guard to confiscate them from law abiding citizens… one list this year, another list next year…

Great idea of sending billions upon billions to Central America to build lives of those countries SOOO good that they will not want to emigrate to the US… I am not joking now; it is all written in the “Bold Ideas” by Joe Biden, on their official website. I am sure people who must send more and more taxes to the government will be happy to know where their money goes…

Or how about sending trillions to African countries because we (the terrible whites) spoiled the climate and now must pay for it… it is all there, read by yourself… to reimburse the non-industrial nations for the harm done by our civilization… See Cameron’s film “Avatar” of course…

Coming back home, a very good idea by democrats to pay reparations for blacks… for harm done to their grandparents… as a matter of fact, Kamala Harris is a descendant of plantation owners, and slave owners from Jamaica…

… my family never had slaves… so maybe she will show us how generous she is and pay reparations like a good leader showing us her leadership… But Kamala wants us to do as she says… not as she does…

A bit about Kamala – she sent to prison over 1500 blacks for smoking marijuana… and at the same time she boasted that she loves when tired to smoke good weed… at the same time…

The democrats showed that they intend to re-distribute wealth that was already created by others… what republicans have to offer to Amerika?

The program starts with the goal to create during first 10 months of 2021 – 10 million new jobs and bring unemployment to the pre-covid time.

Those ten million new jobs shall include 1 million manufacturing jobs… so how Trump will accomplish it:

  1. Lower taxes on working people and allow (a) the workers to take home more money, and (b) make American products more competitive.
  2. Expand opportunity zones where an investor pays no taxes but has to create employment for local people in very poor neighborhoods… Trump already built 8,900 such zones with huge success… now he wants to expand on it, bringing into those areas foreign investment.
  3. Give tax credits to companies that bring manufacturing back from China.
  4. Allow 100% Expensing Deductions for Essential Industries like Pharmaceuticals and Robotics who Bring Back their Manufacturing to the United States
  5. No Federal Contracts for Companies who Outsource to China
  6. Block Illegal Immigrants from Becoming Eligible for Taxpayer-Funded Welfare, Healthcare, and Free College Tuition
  7. Continue Deregulatory Agenda for Energy Independence

Each of these measures will help American manufacturing and American workers. It will give great boost to our economy.  Maybe greatest ever.

We are voting for our presidents and members of congress not to create great condition for illegal immigrants or citizens of other countries. We give them power to help to better our lives.

Trump wants to end our reliance on China, a communist regime that hates us. Trump ended our reliance on energy from our oil-supplying enemies, now he is doing the same with manufacturing of essential products.

One of our greatest problems is education – but we can’t choose schools for our kids. Bad schools and bad teachers are teaching children forever. Tramp wants to give a right to each parent to chose school and the government will send money to this school and not a neighborhood school… it will break back of the teachers union, but for me, my kids are more important then their tenure.

GOP also wants kids to learn American history, and learn it how it really was, not how haters of America want our kids to know it.

Another great problem is social security and healthcare. Democrats were saying that Trump will destroy social security and Medicare. They were saying that Trump’s medicine will not allow people with pre-existing conditions…

GOP explicitly stating that they will preserve and strengthen social services, social security pay, Medicare and will make insurance companies to accept people with pre-existing conditions. Senator Rand Paul has a great plan how to achieve it.

Trump is already cutting prescription drug prices by allowing drugs to come from Canada, Israel, other countries… and by prohibiting federal agencies to buy drugs for higher than absolute minimum prices.

Trump wants to pass a legislation about congressional term limits. Instead of being people’s representatives many members of senate and congress became part of the problem, a swamp. It is about time we clean them out.

And unlike democrats, GOP wants police on our streets. Trump wants to increase, not decrease funding for the police. He wants to bring Antifa and others to justice. He wants to have mandatory sentences for those that assault police, and those who burn and loot our stores. He also wants to end sanctuary cities and allow deportation of criminal illegals.

GOP wants to build all-American 5G network, cerate scientific station on Moon, send man to Mars, and start cleaning Oceans.

GOP wants to end endless wars and bring majority of our troops home. Enough defending the world. We can train their soldiers, we can sell them weapons, we can create strategic alliances… but enough sending our boys and girls to fight other people wars and spend our treasure while others spend theirs on the bettering of their lives.

As a mater of fact, Biden voted for Iraq, Serbia, Libya and Syria interven-tions… he is a war monger and that shall be stopped!

I think that comparison is startling… one party loves America, kneels in Church, salutes flag and stand still when our anthem is played. Another party burns our flag, kneels to arsonists and thieves, and despises this country.

One party wants to create good life for all, another thinks that only one race is important, and it is OK to force people to give money they earned, to pay for projects that this party wants to do…

If they think it is important, they should pay for it. Not force others.

Republicans will not force anyone – if they do not like a radio commentator, they do not listen to him. If democrats do not like a radio commentator, they will do everything they can to take him of the airways…

I cannot imagine a suburban housewife who wants police protection – voting democrat. I cannot imagine middle class owners of houses in one-family houses zoning area – voting for democrats knowing that they will build apartment buildings for homeless in their enclaves.

I can’t imagine the people who do not have lots of spare money… will be ready to send their hard-earned money to Central America and Africa to apologize for our good life here… I can’t imagine that any head of the family would want to (instead of going with his family on vacation) pay for healthcare for millions of illegal immigrants….

Will you pay for health of others instead of health of your own children? If you say yes, then pay… what you waiting for?  

The difference is startling and amazing… amazing that there are people who might chose democrats this time… but probably they are so zombified by the media that they cannot really think straight.

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Thank you for listening. Until next time.