All say we need to base our opinions and actions on science, not hearsay or emotions. Congratulations, now we have a math study on how America would vote if not pressure from highly partisan media and social networks. Here is the interactive “tool” for you to play with.

Full text of the video #562E:

Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Today is September 26, 2020. This is Leon Weinstein, speaking from Los Angeles, California.

Recently my colleague Sergey Kucherov sent me an interesting toy, as he called it. That is a web page that has a United States map that shows every state colored according to their votes in the recent presidential election.

Look at that map. It shows how many people in 2016 voted for the blue (the Democrats) or the red (the Republicans). According to the electoral count, Donald Trump won the Electoral College, although Hillary Clinton won the majority of the votes.You can see it on this color-changing table that shows you either electoral votes or popular vote count. The system of electoral votes is not archaic, nor counterproductive as the Democrats often say when they lose. This system does not allow two or three large states to agree behind our backs and always choose a representative they want. The Republic of the United States, and we have a republic, not democracy,

Republic is when minorities are protected, democracy is when two wolves and one ship decide by democratic vote whom to eat for dinner….…republic always stands for the protection of minorities or at least should stand. Well, let’s say it hasn’t always happened lately. Initially, the founding fathers said that the majority can protect themselves, while the minority should be protected by law. They noted that the majority, if allowed to unfold, always becomes tyrannical. And I agree with them in this matter. I lived in such a country where they call themselves a dictatorship of the majority… (diktatura proletariata)… and I do not want to go back to this ugly experiment we were subjected to. …..

The idea behind the map that Sergey has presented, is partially based on what was investigated in the Senate committee under the leadership of Senator Ted Cruz. This investigation culminated in the hearings of Robert Epstein. You can see him on the screen. He is a Senior Research Psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology. By the way, he was the editor-in-chief of Psychology Today magazine. He is a democrat, and he presents math formulas that can’t be really considered partisan. Dr Epstein says that his research showed that in 2018 during the midterm elections. three companies: Twitter, Google, and Facebook, managed to fool at least two million people into changing their positions from right to left.

By fool I mean that the readers were presented information that pushed them to make certain conclusions… and information that actually was true was hidden from the viewers. Not realizing that they are spoon-fed rigged facts and misleading information, two million Americans changed their minds and voted for Democrats instead of Republicans.After that, Epstein showed his data and said that those technologies are improving since 2018….

Google and others have become much more open about their bias. And he expects that in 2020 these companies and the leftist press will change the minds of 15 to 20 million people. They can use various methods to brainwash people: deception, manipulation, intimidation, and outright lies. They do all that to convince you to change your views…. To make you to vote for Democrats instead of GOP. This is what Dr. Epstein (democrat) says… and he also says that such ability to manipulate voters scares him a lot. He is afraid to lose the most precious of all rights we enjoy – freedom!

Sergey Kucherov made a dynamic map that estimates the election results considering the pressure of the media as well as the population density. The last factor is essential if consider how fast the virus of fake news spreads among the population. People who live in a big city hear others discussing the news on the streets, in the office, and on the subway. The ones who live in a suburban or rural area may not feel that “everyone” is talking about something. The chart allows you to play with assumptions and immediately see the result. The visual presentation of the results makes a clear point.

So, here’s the 2016 results. The blue states are the ones who voted for Hillary. And the red ones voted for Trump. But the “media pressure” in 2020 will be even worse than it was in 2018….. It is estimated that 93 percent of all reviews about Trump in the press and on television, and the like, were sharply negative. Using the map, let’s set up the media pressure to 93 percent. See how the country’s face “turns blue.”

Yes, of course, we still have Fox News, a conservative radio, and conservative bloggers. They are compensating leftist propaganda a little. But they cannot completely eliminate social networks’ pressure that plays with us at the subconscious level. The majors have tools to drive people as a herd in the direction they want. Now let’s reduce the media pressure to 70 percent. This is probably more or less actual…

Now you see how the picture changes. You can play with this “toy” to see how the election results depend on media bias. You also can see that places like New York, Boston, Chicago, or San Francisco with a large population density affect the outcome. Compare it to the areas with low density: with farms, small towns far from the center.

Did you notice how much redder these areas become? When people are separated from each other and when there is less pressure from the media’s propaganda. Well, now let’s see what would have happened if we remove propaganda… and people will judge the president and its administration by their deeds. Not by the eco chamber of the media moguls…

What if the media do not yell to our faces? What if nobody is trying to convince everyone that water is dry, and the sky is yellow?The simulation shows that when you reduce the media’s influence down to zero, then the whole country will vote …. (look at that!!!) for Trump. Every single state except one small place… What is this place that will forever stay blue? The place that will continue vote for Democrats, whatever the Republicans do, whatever Trump does, no matter how well the whole country is doing, is ………..the capital of the United States, Washington, DC.

Why you might ask?

Because it is populated by people who live at our expense. They are addicted to spending our tax money. The more welfare programs we have, the more regulations we have, the more money they can put into their own pockets or spend on lavish vacations, foreign trips, and exotic girls.That is it.

The press and the scoundrels from social networks lie to us every day, even hourly, so that we believe that white is pink, and vinegar is sweet. They lie to us to make us vote against our own interests.In my opinion, Trump was absolutely right in calling most of our media the enemy of people. Our enemies are the corrupt politicians and media bosses who manipulate us shamelessly through any means possible. They are enemies of our homeland, enemies of us, enemies of our children, and enemies of our future. If we get rid of them, get rid of their propaganda and lies. If we stop watching and listening to their zombie box called television, read their scum newspapers….

What will happen then… you might ask?Simply – We will vote for what is good for us, not for them! And looks like – Trump and republicans at this point in our lives are good for us, better for us the people!If we would vote with reason, using our own heads, we would elect the Republicans over and over. If we follow reason and self-interest, we will elect Donald Trump. I am not in favor of him running for a third term. We will find someone who will continue his work. Don’t read those corrupt newspapers, don’t watch their idiotic TV. Think for yourself. And we all will win!

Thank you for listening.