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Capitalism 101


“Capitalism 101” is an attack on forced altruism and equality. It calls for a change to the ways we govern our western democracies. The book is a blueprint of how a just and free society should be built in order to survive. Ayn Rand showed us what not to do. George Orwell showed us what would happen if we will go the wrong way. Fifty years later, Leon Weinstein shows us what is needed to be done as quickly as possible in order to keep our freedom and continue enjoying our prosperity.
The system of governing in the US and other Western Democracies proved to be flawed and apparently stops functioning as planned when a country hits deep financial crisis. In other words, when more than half of the voters receive from the state without contributing to the mutual basket, the democracy fails. At this point it will be unable to stop or even reduce entitlement programs and the morphing into a nanny state and eventual transformation into a tyranny will start.
A right to vote granted to those who do not contribute to the society, allows them to take from those that earned what they were unable to earn with their own labor. A right given to the government to increase taxes at any time the government wants it, leads to corruption and destruction of trust between the productive part of the society and the elected officials. The book proves that a right to vote granted to everyone is counterproductive and will bring any country to a bankruptcy and to either a left or a right tyranny. Voting rights is a privilege and shall be earned.
This book proves beyond a reasonable doubt that in order to sustain high quality of life and the freedom that Americans enjoy a government’s role shall be redefined as “to protect and serve” and NOT to use taxpayers’ money to choose favorites, create entitlements or compete with the private sector.
One of the conclusions that a reader will inevitably reach after reading this book, is that before enacting any law or a reform, we-the-people shall check it against two major principles: (a) it can’t harm even a smallest part of the society, and (b) it can’t take from anyone any property if the owners disagree. All existing laws should be checked against the same principles and corrected.
Minorities (any minority including blacks, Jews, woman, man, handicapped, whites, smokers, rich, homosexuals, or any other minority) should be fully protected. Rich are also a minority and their rights should be protected as the rights of any other minority. Smokers are also a minority. People or groups that you may not like should be protected at any cost.
No majority can take from even one person what is his without the owner’ explicit permission. Not money, not property, not fruits of his labor or ideas he created. Even if the majority wants it badly, or needs it badly. Even if an owner is a very bad (by majority standards) person. Even if he has abundance and they have none. The society has to protect the rights of each and every individual, each and every group however small it is. Otherwise the society will become a prison for all. By defending someone today, you protect your own interests in the future.

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Looking For Hugh


Not every American youth (even if he is an Aikido champ and the best looking guy in town) is up to disobeying kings and escaping from prisons, navigating raffs between islands of an Ocean Empire, learning swordsmanship in order to survive and winning the world’s sailboat cup just to prove a point. Nick always thought about himself as an average guy, but in not-so-average circumstances, he found enough strength in his character to become a hero. But even a hero can be outsmarted and defeated. And when everything is lost, a squad of deadly Imperial guard appears from nowhere carrying a message for Nik: “You are summoned.”
“Looking for Hugh” is an action-adventure saga about a teen who ventured into a strange world following his friend “capitalist” Hugh, was captured by pirates, became a slave, fought on an arena as a gladiator, and met the best and the deadliest girl in the world, who just happened to be the hair to the throne.
“Terrific!” Burt Prelutsky, columnist & best-selling author.
“Fascinating story!.” Kevin McCullough, radio host & commentator.
“Masterpiece!” Phil Hendren, book reviewer, London.
“Leon Weinstein has masterfully and creatively written an adventure-fantasy which reminds me of both “Animal Farm” and “Alice in Wonderland.” Terry Gilberg, Talk Radio Host.

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Common Sense …
two hundred years after

Leon photoFrom the Author:

Governments oppress people. Governments force people to do what people do not want to do. Governments seize properties, initiate wars, lie, cheat, defy their own laws – and get away with it. Governments seed corruption, kill, torture and steal without ever slowing down.

On the other hand, governments are viewed by most of us as guarantors of stability, as the only buffer separating civilization from barbarism. Is it in the inherent nature of governments to be both bad and good, do harm but at the same time protect us from even greater evils?

Some people say “bad things happen only because we have the wrong form of government.” Others say “terrible deeds were done only because the group of people in power was the wrong one to govern us.” People were saying those things for about six thousand years now. They repeat it in every country, on every continent, all the time. So… either all types of government our civilization tried so far were wrong… or people in power were always bad… or perhaps, just perhaps, there is another reason for us-the-people and the governments to be on opposite sides of so many crucial issues?

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